Moonbeams Social Meeting: Sustainability, Citizenship and Activism in Early Years through the Arts

Date: 7th March, 4.30 – 6pm

Venue: Online

Cost: Free

Sustainability, Citizenship and Activism in Early Years through the Arts

A Fringe Event relating to BECERA 2022

In this lively social event, we will be discussing, sharing ideas and practice to consider the challenges of working with our youngest global citizens. The 17 United Nations Sustainability Goals offer much necessary challenge and debate. For example, how can we ‘wild up’ our work with children so that our relationship in and with nature is more attuned with a worldview of co-inhabitation with all living things and kinship with the planet? How in our daily work, can we ensure our settings, practice and organisations are using more sustainable materials, methods, and resources? How can we act on climate crisis, justice for all and the elimination of poverty in our work?

Come along to share ideas and hear the ways in which others are doing exactly just this and what is driving them to become activists, to make change and to think differently about the arts, education, and young children.

The Social Meeting is open to all working with young children: including artists, creative producers, schools and early years’ settings, arts, cultural and heritage organisations. It is an exciting opportunity to hear from others, share, and find out more.

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Moonbeams Seminar: How we live with and give voice to difference

Date: 10th March, 12.30 – 4pm

Cost: £50 (lunch included)

Venue: Wolverhampton Art Gallery, Lichfield St, Wolverhampton WV1 1DU – during and directly linked to the British Art Show 9 exhibition

A seminar for educators, artists and academics working in the Early Years

This Moonbeams seminar is open to all working with young children, including educators, artists, creative producers, schools and early years’ settings, arts, cultural and heritage organisations.

It will explore how visual art in all its forms, as well as visits to galleries, can address themes such as ‘how we live with and give voice to difference’.  This ideas can be used creatively with young children, their families, and the community. The key theme also runs through the British Art Show 9 (BAS9) at Wolverhampton Art Gallery and the seminar will include a tour of the exhibition, led by a Guide, using augmented tours on your mobile phone.

There will also be provocations and opportunities for discussion, as well as a practical workshop led by Faye Patrick, an early years’ educator at Our Lady’s Primary Birmingham. This practical session will explore starting points and ideas from a range of stimulus, such as images in books and artists’ work, and provide actual examples of what you can do with children 2-5 years to help shape your early years, and artistic, practice.

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For more information about the British Art Show 9 – see here for further details.

Date: 8th April, 12.30 – 16.00

Location: Midlands Art Centre, Birmingham, B12 9QH

Cost: £50


In this half day practical seminar about photography in the early years, photographer Kate Green will share her knowledge and experience to enable you to feel confident in using this art form with your children in your setting in exciting ways.  Kate will share her passion for this expressive and communicative artform, that can be used across all areas of learning in the EYFS.

No experience is needed; this seminar will be delightfully engaging, practical and welcoming of all people working with children in a variety of capacities from the ages of 3 to 5 years.  Details of what to bring to the seminar will be available when booking.

There are 25 places available on a first-come-first-served basis.

Kate Green is a photographer and film maker who also specialises in participatory projects from birth to end of life and everyone in between.

Her passion is working with people to realise their own creativity and express themselves through the camera.  She is a tutor at MAC Birmingham and Warwick Arts Centre and undertakes commissions throughout the Midlands and beyond.

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